Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Policy”) lets you know the privacy practices for the, and websites (“Website”) operated by Research Ideas, LLC. It is solely for the Website and does not cover any other website linked to the Website nor any third party services used by the Website including our web host, domain name service, file serving services, or email service. This Policy notifies you of what identifiable information is collected from you through the Website, how you can choose what data to disclose, the security in protecting the personal data, and how to correct it for inaccuracies.

Information Collection, Sharing, and Use

We collect all information you submit to us including but not limited to your user creation form (name, email, user name, and password), profile form (phone number, address, personal website, position, institution, and roles), research idea posts and updates, comments, likes of posts, email invitations, contacting us though the Website, and logging in and browsing information.

We make available to everyone who visits the Website nearly all the information you share except passwords, and login and browsing information. We will not share this information.

We may contact you via email to inform you of user agreement updates, privacy policy (Policy) updates, or requests to help the Website fund its operations through services, donations, or other means.

Your Access and Control of the Information

You can remove your account and information at anytime by contacting us at Furthermore, you can correct, update, or remove nearly all user information including your phone number, address, personal website, or position, by editing your profile. You can edit and remove all of your posts and collaborations as well. If there is other information you would like to remove, then please contact us at


We work to protect your personal data. When sensitive information such as your password is submitted, we protect it both online and offline.

Whenever we collect sensitive information, we encrypt it so it is sent to us in a secure way. You can verify the encryption by seeing the link in your web browser begins with an “https”.

Furthermore, your data is protected by us offline following Django™ and our web host’s protocols. Specifically, only administrators of the Website can see information not made publicly available through the Website including login and browsing information. Furthermore, passwords are stored and cannot be viewed by administrators following Django™ protocol. The computers/servers where the information is stored is protected by our web hosting service following their protocols.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this Policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at 774-641-6706 or via email at